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About :

Elise Pelletier was born and raised in Colorado. She has since studied Graphic Design and printmaking at the University of Denver in Colorado and London, England. She received her Master's degree in Art and Design Education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

She has eight years of teaching experience, most recently, Art and Media at a small, public high school in Brooklyn, New York for four of those years. Elise now works for The Island Institute where she supports the Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative; a group of Maine island educators who are committed to creating a virtual classroom community where teacher and students have access to a rich and supportive inter-island peer network and supportive inter-island peer network. This is a website that showcases her personal work and work of her students.

She also is a screen printer and designer under the moniker Foreshadow Press. She apprenticed with The Serie Project in Austin, Texas. If you're interested in custom design or screen printing, please visit her other website. Or if you have questions regarding projects seen on this website, please get in touch.

Elise Pelletier
(917) 328-8996


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